Environmental, Social, Governance

Caledonian Midstream is committed to positive change, to build a better, more sustainable, and more inclusive world for tomorrow.

Environmental Responsibility

Caledonian Midstream is committed to transition of the energy sector to create a greener, more sustainable, energy future:

  • Development of conventional natural gas, combined with the manufacturing of methanol, eco-products and an increasing component of “Blue Hydrogen” (Hydrogen generated from Natural Gas)
  • Implementation of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (“CCUS”) will reduce carbon intensity significantly
  • Re-purpose existing conventional natural gas wells and infrastructure, minimizing environmental impact

Social Responsibility & Community

Changes extend well beyond operations and must also consider social impact and direct effects on our surrounding communities:

  • Developing partnerships with Provincial and Federal Government
  • Direct Indigenous involvement financially, and through project decision making
  • Technology development and innovation require local deployment to foster collaboration between industry, academia and international partners. Critical hands-on experience can be gained to understand market needs and develop practical and commercially ready solutions


Global changes must first be undertaken internally, aimed at how we manage ourselves:

  • Collaborative partnerships that emphasize environmental protection, cultural recognition, community energy planning aligned with traditional values, and economic development, will be essential to maximize benefits for Indigenous peoples in the new hydrogen economy
  • Currently a lack of a comprehensive, long-term policy and regulatory framework that includes hydrogen in Canada. Achieving long-term 2050 targets represents a radical transformation of the energy sector and requires clear, coordinated efforts