Quirk Creek Plant Asset Overview

  • The Quirk Creek Plant was designed and constructed by Imperial Oil as a “best in class” facility in 1971.

  • Quirk Field contains 100 Bcf of remaining recoverable reserves of natural gas (including liquids and sulphur) that will support long-term industrial operations at the plant site.

  • Plant infrastructure can candle significantly increased gas production volumes and can be integrated, at low coast, on the existing plant site with new “green” industrial applications.

Quirk Creek Plant Summary

  • $150 Million replacement value with access to power grid, control systems, water, administrative infrastructure, 80 acres of fenced industrial land and 560 additional acres of ranch land
  • Licensed Inlet 88 MMcf/d (2500 e3m3/d) Current inlet production 12 9 MMcf/d (365 e3m3/d)
    • Natural gas sales of 7Mcf/d to be increased to approximately 23MMcf/d through development, acquisition, tie-ins of
    • Licensed Sulphur Recovery 306 tonnes/d Current production 55 tonnes/d
    • Licensed Sulphur Recovery of 98.3%. Current recovery is 99.0%
    • C3+ processing capacity of 2500 bbl/d (400 m3/d) with current sales 400 bbl/d (64 m3/d) – approximately 16 bbl/m3 liquids to gas
  • Plant is connected to the TC Energy Gas Transmission Pipeline routing through Southern Alberta, interior of British Columbia and the Western United States, terminating in the Sacramento/San Francisco Area
  • Sulphur produced at the plant is trucked to a rail terminal destined for international markets
  • Plant & Field reliability is 98.1% excluding Turnaround (scheduled every 4 years, consistent with hydrogen/methanol plant turnaround cycle)
  • Electrical supply is through 2 separate 25 kV systems